14th NACG workshop

- / Helsinki

Theme: Benefits and challenges of artificial intelligence solutions in clinical genetics

The 14th NACG workshop focuses on increasing the efficiency of clinical interpretation by cutting-edge solutions, including artificial intelligence (AI)-tools.

The emerging AI-based tools hold a promise to boost variant interpretation, but they also come with challenges related to traceability and legal regulations. This 2-day workshop has a clinical and bioinformatic track. As always, the workshop will be highly interactive - aiming to foster Nordic collaboration and knowledge sharing.

On the agenda:

  • Keynote by Samuli Ripatti, Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland, University of Helsinki, Finland

  • National updates

  • Rapid-fire session on knowledge sharing

  • AI tools in variant interpretation - benchmarking and discussion

  • Clinical Interpretation: cutting edge tools, data integration and best practices in variant interpretation

  • AI-tools in genomics – legal challenges and opportunities

  • Bioinformatics tools, pipelines, and their standardization

Practical information:

  • Start: Thursday 28th September at 10:00

  • End: Friday 29th September at 15:00

  • Venue: Haikko Manor, Haikkoontie 114, Porvoo, Helsinki

  • Deadline for registration: The registration for the workshop is now closed.

  • Bus transportation

    • To the venue on Thursday 28th

      • Bus 1. From the Helsinki-Vantaa airport at 9:30

      • Bus 2. From the Helsinki-Vantaa airport at 10:00

      • Bus 3. From Helsinki city center at 9:00

    • From the venue on Friday 29th

      • Bus 1. To the Helsinki-Vantaa airport at 14:45

      • Bus 2. To the Helsinki-Vantaa airport at 15:15

      • Bus 3. To Helsinki city center at 15:15

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